Pet Car Seat Carrier

The Dog Car Seat comes in high quality with anti-collapse and anti-deformation structure, with strong toughness, good support, and reliability. This pet seat is a great and safe way to keep your pet with you on the road. The front part with the zipper allows you to quickly open and close this basket. The adjustable straps make it easy to fit in almost any vehicle sizes and will effectively fit your beloved pet. The seat can be installed and removed quickly and easily in less than 1 minute.




1. The frame of the seat has two metal rods on each side to help the seat stay solid and upright

2. Made of durable material and breathable mesh fabric, keep your pet dry and comfortable

3.Buckle design: adjustable buckle design, quick and easy to adjust and install for different car

4. Prevent motion sickness: safety strap and seat belt buckle design  prevent pet motion sickness effectively

5. Portable and easy to store and carry


Note:  The cushion contains an extension belt, can be buckled on the dog collar, prevent the pet from running or scratching the seat.