The allergy pet groom tool is a fantastic way to keep your home clean if you are a dog owner. It attaches to your vacuum cleaner to remove loose and flyaway hair directly from your dog’s coat, before it’s shed around the home.
Conventional dog grooming tools have always suffered from the same problem: mess. Once you’ve used them to groom your dog, you have to clean the tool. Then the floor. The groom tool self-cleans. Captured hair is sucked away hygienically into your vacuum cleaner, without the mess. This groom tool is suitable for medium or long haired dogs, captures
allergens during grooming andremoves dead skin cells improving coat condition.


Type: Vacuum Cleaner Pet Grooming Brush Tool                                                     Vacuum Part Type: Filters
Material: ABS
Size: 17cm x 10cm/6.7'' x 3.9''
Color:Dark Grey
Package Include:1 x Pet Grooming Brush Tool